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Athletic Conditioning

Our companion animal athletes come in many forms, from our professional working or competition dogs, to our family pets who enjoy playing fetch. No matter the activity, our athletic conditioning programs are designed to enhance overall fitness, prevent injuries, and promote the longevity of an active lifestyle. Benefits of athletic conditioning include:

1.  Optimized Performance: targeted exercises boost athletic ability, allowing your pet to excel in various activities.
2.  Injury Prevention: strengthening muscles, improving flexibility and enhancing  coordination and balance all play important roles in preventing sports-related injuries.
3.  Enhanced Endurance: increased stamina and endurance, allowing pets to perform at their best for longer durations.
4.  Joint Health: promoting joint stability and optimal range of motion reduces the risk of strain or injury for pets performing dynamic activities.
5.  Muscle Tone: developing and increasing muscle mass, while improving tone, enhances overall body condition and health.


Last but not least - being active with your pet is fun, mentally stimulating, physically challenging and provides an opportunity for relationship building!


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