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  • Is there elevator access?
    Yes. You will find our elevator as soon as you enter the building. Please take the elevator to the second floor and find your way to our reception waiting area.
  • Can I book appointments with a specific practitioner?
    Sure thing. You may request a specific practitioner at the time of booking and for follow up appointments if desired.
  • Do I need a referral from my veterinarian to book a consult?
    Yes. Our rehab practitioners are registered veterinary technicians who require a consent form from your veterinarian. We are happy to arrange this with your vet clinic on your behalf to ensure we have the consent form and relative medical records prior to your visit with us.
  • Does Four Paws Rehab have an affiliation with surrounding vet clinics?
    No, we are a stand along rehabilitation facility. Despite being in the same building as a vet clinic we don’t have any affiliation with them or any other surrounding vet clinics.
  • Is there anything I (pet owner) have to bring to the appointment?
    Please bring along your pet’s favourite treat that we can give them throughout their session. Please bring your pet on a leash and keep them on leash at all times.
  • What kind of payment methods do you accept?
    debit, mastercard, visa or cash. We do not accept amex or cheques
  • Can I book appointments through Jane or online?
    No. At this time all of our booking is done with one of our receptionists via phone, email or in person.
  • How long are the initial consultations and follow up sessions?
    The initial consultation is 60 minutes long and is carried through by one of our canine rehab practitioners. The initial consultation includes an examination including a gait analysis, underwater treadmill trial and/or laser therapy treatment if applicable as well as a custom home exercise plan. Follow up appointments are typically 30 or 60 minutes long. The length and frequency of the follow up sessions are dependant on your rehab practitioners recommendation
  • Are owners able to be present during consultations and follow up sessions?
    During your initial consultation you are expected to be present to review your intake form with the practitioner however we do separate pets from their owners thereafter. During your initial consultation, we will provide you with a brief tour of our facility. We have found a great amount of success in terms of being able to bond with your pet without their owner present. Furthermore, our facility isn’t large enough to facilitate multiple dogs and their owners, this can be distracting to other patients during their session. Lastly, we enjoy providing pictures and videos of your pet during their rehab session so you may see how well they are doing!
  • How are pet insurance claims filed?
    We don’t provide direct insurance claim submission. All services are to be paid at the time of the service. An invoice will be provided to you to submit to your insurance company.
  • What is your cancellations policy?
    We do our best to be understanding of circumstances related to cancellations. We have a daily waitlist of patients in need of rehab and do our best to get all patients seen in a timely fashion. Therefore, we take our cancellation policy quite seriously. For no show or appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time, full service cost for the session is required at the time of the missed appointment. A credit card is required to rebook any initial consultations canceled within the 24 hour period.
  • Where is the nearest available parking?
    The parking area is located outside our front entrance located on the west side of the building on Strachan Ave. It’s first come first serve availability. There is also 1 hour free parking located along Strachan Ave and meter (Green P) parking located along Queen St.
  • If my dog just had surgery how soon until I can start rehab?
    We typically start rehab including hydrotherapy only once your veterinarian or specialist (surgeon) has okay’d its safe to begin. Furthermore, we must ensure adequate healing has taken place for any incision prior to pursuing hydrotherapy.
  • Do you offer any package sessions?
    We do! We off a $5 discount on each session for a package of 8 30 minutes sessions (total savings $40) or a $10 discount on each session for a package of 8 60 minute sessions (total savings $80)
  • Is there anything I (pet owner) have to do prior to the appointment?
    Please ensure your pet was able to use the washroom prior to their appointment Please ensure you pet hasn’t eaten 1 hour prior to the appointment Please keep your pet on a leash when you arrive and at all times while in our facility For initial consultations, please fill out the intake form prior to your appointment. This will be emailed to you by our reception team once you’ve booked your consultation.
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