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Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a safe, non-invasive modality which is proven and grounded in scientific research.

Laser therapy has been shown to accelerate the rate of tissue repair, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain in a manner that is easily tolerated and comfortable for the patient. Our laser delivers targeted light energy to stimulate a cascade of biological responses. This includes increased cellular activity and circulation, released endorphins, and faster recovery from musculoskeletal injuries, wounds, post-operative surgical procedures and arthritic pain. With a growing interest in non-pharmacological pain management techniques, laser therapy has been shown to result in improved lameness and pain scores, as well as reduced or discontinued doses of analgesic drugs. Laser therapy has also been proven to accelerate time to ambulation in dogs with myelopathy following surgical correction of vertebral disc herniation.

As your pet relaxes on our orthopedic bed, they will feel a gentle, warm massage sensation as they experience the benefits of their treatment. Laser therapy not only enhances physical healing, but can foster a sense of relaxation and comfort for your pet that goes beyond traditional pain management methods.

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