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What to Expect During Your Pet's Initial Consultation 


The initial consultation is 60 minutes long and is carried through by one of our canine rehab practitioners or companion animal therapists. The initial consultation includes an examination including a gait analysis, underwater treadmill trial and/or laser therapy treatment if applicable, a custom home exercise plan as well as a nutritional assessment (body condition score and optimal body weight discussion).


Follow-up appointments are typically 30 or 60 minutes long. The length and frequency of the follow-up sessions are dependent on your rehab practitioner's recommendation.

During your initial consultation, you are expected to be present to review your intake form with the practitioner however we do separate pets from their owners thereafter. During your initial consultation, we will provide you with a brief tour of our facility.

We have found a great amount of success in terms of being able to bond with your pet without their owner present. Furthermore, our facility isn’t large enough to facilitate multiple dogs and their owners, this can be distracting to other patients during their session. Lastly, we enjoy providing pictures and videos of your pet during their rehab session so you may see how well they are doing!

What is Prehab?


Prehab is a consultation performed prior to your pet’s surgical procedure.  Specific to your pet's surgical procedure – and unique needs – a prehab consultation is carried out in order to establish an immediate and effective post-operative care plan.


“Prehab” helps ensure an optimal recovery by allowing your pet to become comfortable with our team and rehab environment, including the underwater treadmill.


A prehab consultation includes: 


  • Preoperative exercise plan, including underwater treadmill trial session

  • Acute postoperative therapeutic recommendations

  • Postoperative Rehabilitation Plan Overview 

  • Postoperative nutritional recommendations

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