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Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercise plays an important role in maintaining a healthy, happy and mobile life for your pet.


Specific and targeted exercise programs are a crucial part of the rehabilitation process and aid in recovery from injuries, surgical procedures and musculoskeletal conditions. Muscle strengthening, balance and coordination are essential for stability, improved spatial awareness and proprioception, all while supporting your pet’s daily activities and preventing future injury. Therapeutic exercise may also focus on promoting flexibility and improved range of motion, which are vital for joint health and preventing stiffness. Movement has the ability to alleviate pain and discomfort through improved mobility, reduced inflammation and promoting release
of endorphins and other natural pain-relieving elements. For many of our pets suffering from neurologic diseases or injuries, therapeutic exercise is a huge factor in re-training daily movements such as walking, sitting, laying down and turning.


Whether your pet is recovering from surgery, managing a chronic condition, or pursuing preventative care, therapeutic exercise will optimize their physical condition and enrich quality of life. Each patient will receive a customized home exercise plan to work on at home, as well as in clinic. We are equipped with specialized canine exercise equipment that is also available to purchase.


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